Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why I'm Not a "Blogger"

I have read through countless posts on what makes you a blogger. You're a blogger if....how to be successful, etc. Well, I'm nothing on any of these. So I've made a list of why I am not a "blogger"

  • I don't blog every day. 
I blog when I feel like it, and if it is a day, two days, or a week that I don't post so be it.

  • I don't schedule posts

  • I do not own a planner.

 My phone is my planner, and my day to day scheduler and task doer. I have never written out a blog post on paper, or ideas. My ideas run through my head 24/7. This brain never stops!

  • Vacation really means vacation. I won't have activity on this space of mine until I'm back, or if said vacation really sucks.

  • I don't always take pics. I mean, we had a jam packed weekend with a carnival and all. And not 1 pic was had.

  • My #ootd tags are NOT outfit of the day posts, they are in fact one of those days posts


What technically does not make you a "blogger" to others standards?



  1. Oh man I'm the WORST at taking pics. I've tried to get better but I still don't get myself in many because I just don't feel like I'm photogenic. Everyone else all has tons of great pics of them doing tons of fun things on their blogs and I'm just over here like, hey my OOTD was yoga pants with 3 holes in the crotch.

  2. The reaction gifs are making me laugh. I'm pretty bad at taking pictures of things as they're happening, but it's more important for me to experience it anyway!

  3. Love it!! Good for you!! It is your blog afterall! I don't do pictures too well either...That shit takes time and planning, neither that I have time for!