Saturday, November 23, 2013

Things You May Not Know...

I have seen so many posts circulating as status updates on facebook lately that I have decided to join, only in a different way. The gist is that someone posts things you may not know about them, people like the status and they give you a number. Knowing my friends they would pick something like 100, so I will pick my own number, and let you guys know some things that not everyone may necessarily know about me.

I am a devoted Christian and a firm believer in God. He is my savior.

I was in an extremely abusive relationship for several years.

I cannot stand cinnamon as in cinnamon gum, cinnamon candles, cinnamon drinks. Those all make me gag.

I don't drink alcohol of any kind anymore

I lost my big brother April 16, 2012

Three letters: O C D

Patience is one of my weaknesses because I really do not have much

I always said I never wanted a child when I was younger.I still stood by that until I found out I was pregnant. God had other plans. A funny God he is! Baby Bear saved me, and herself. I did not save myself, and I do not know if I would have, if it weren't for her. See how God works?

I am a hopeless romantic.

I absolutely love horror flicks.

I speak without thinking. I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I stand up for what is right, and if that is wrong, you are in the wrong place and we just can't be friends. A real friend is going to tell it like it is. I'm not the friend that is going to sugarcoat your $#it for you and blow sunshine up your bum. You can find one of those somewhere else; it just isn't here.

When I was little, I envisioned hundreds of little people were under the bathtub and that they would all work together to make the bath run, with their tiny buckets catching the drain water and passing them all to the top to make it come out of the faucet. Yes, the same little people lived in the walls and made my lights and fan work too.

I used to twist the legs on all of my little brother's GIJoe's, and always be surprised when the rubber band broke that held them to the torso broke. Every.single.time

I still have hopes for a puppy as a Christmas gift someday (preferably a rottweiler), and a car (not both at the same time) I would love to walk outside and see a brand new car with a big red bow on it. Or open up a box and have a puppy come stumbling out.

So there you have it. There are some tidbits you may not know about me.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Love

There is someone I would like to introduce you guys to. I just cannot live without this person. And I wanted to share with you how much they really mean to me. When you find your person, you just know. I will admit that I have cheated on this individual multiple times, and I have deeply regretted each and every one of those decisions, and I have promised to never let that happen again. This time I really do mean it. Nobody can quite do the things like they can, and make me feel the way that they do. We have honestly been through thick and thin and I swear, I will never stray again. The heartache simply is not worth it.

So, if you live in the Houston area, I have to introduce you to my hairstylist, Rita. She is phenomenal, and I have been with her for 7 or more years. I can't believe that it has even been this long. She no longer works at the salon I go to, and she has branched out and become a mobile hairstylist! She has all of her own supplies, and she is fully licensed. She is an angel who helps and has touched so many people's lives. Her real passion lies in helping others feel great about themselves. She has such a soft spot for people who cannot physically leave their homes, she has improved lives and confidence in cancer patients, and does the same for every day people just like you and me. She knows me inside and out, and I honestly do not even need a mirror to see her work because that is how much I trust her to always do what I have in mind, and with what I want. I love her just as much as I love her family.

I have decided to share some my own pictures of what she has done for me over the years. If you are looking for someone new in your life, and are in the area, like her page and give her a call or text! 

*I was not paid, offered services, or any type of discounts for this posting or recommendation*
This is my honest opinion, and I would highly recommend her to any one I meet!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Pinterest Fail and Triumph

So, I have been seeing all these DIY snowglobes all over Pinterest. So I was dying to do this with Baby Bear. The instructions seemed easy enough.

 Or so I thought......

I bought all the supplies as instructed. The Christmas trees, water soluble glue, fake snow, jars, and things to make them pretty.

I let Baby Bear set hers up and I glued it for her. She really did a great job, I was so proud of her!

But when it came time to add the snow, water, glycerin, and glitter, we had a little problem. If you see the pictures above, the snow is on the bottom, and the water is clear. Here is how hers turned out!

I just want to know HOW they got their snow to stick to the bottom!

Anyway, I went ahead and made some cute waterless ones, and Baby Bear made one too! Here is what you need:
Fake Snow
Christmas trees ($1-$2 at Michael's)
Water soluble glue
Hot glue gun
Mason Jars
Ribbon or bows of your choice

We first glued our trees to the lids of the jars, placed ornaments on Baby Bears' tree, and let them set

Once set, I placed some of the fake snow around any holes or openings where the lid was showing. I then placed a handful of the fake snow in the bottom of the jar, place the lid on top and voila. There you have a snow globe (waterless of course). I ended up buying some wire burlap-ish ribbon, along with another wire mesh ribbon. I placed the mesh underneath, and placed the burlap around it. I used the hot glue to make them stick. I love the way these turned out!

Baby Bear did the one on the right in the big picture, which are also the ones featured in the upper right hand corner and lower left hand corner. We really had a lot of fun making these.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Cara Box

Cara, meaning beloved friend. This box exchange was started by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. She has been running an exchange for fellow bloggers to get to know one another and send each other gifts.
The theme for this exchange was fall. We were supposed to get to know our partners and send them the things they would love about fall.
I really got lucky with the people I was paired up with, and both of my partners wound up being sisters! Small world, isn't it?

My person was Tanya who blogs over at The Baksha Five. I really enjoyed getting to know her as well as learn about her family. We are actually more alike than you would think. I really made a connection with her, and really admire her faith, and the strength she has in God and for her family. She is really raising wonderful children and being the best she can be. I felt she really needed something special this fall, so that is what I did for her, and I really enjoyed doing it. I feel that fall is the season of giving, and I get much joy out of giving to people, especially when I don't have to. I really hope she enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for her. Now, I really wish I would have taken some pictures of the final product, but I am sure you will see some featured on her blog.

Tanya's sister Tina over at Me for a While was my other partner. She is a busy working mom with boys, and was a sweetheart. I also enjoyed getting to know her and about her love for Halloween and S'mores. Learning about her boys and their costumes this year, and about her day to day activities was enjoyable. Her box arrived just at the right time. We were all having a day at the office, and my coworkers and I love opening these together! It is always a breath of fresh air and the perfect distraction from a hectic day.

She sent me the cutest fall printable!

Along with a turkey coloring activity, and lots of Halloween goodies for Baby Bear. Nail polish, the infamous Happy Thanksgiving sign I have hanging on my Christmas Tree.

I also received pinecones for a fun craft for Baby Bear and I.

She also sent a crock pot recipe that was one of her family favorites. I have yet to try it because things have been so hectic! Oh, and I cannot forget the big campfire marshmallows that were also sent. I hope we can get around an open fire soon so we put these to good use. Thank you so much for everything you did for us Tina.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I have been up to

Hey y'all! I've been a little absent around here, and certainly not for a lack of trying. Things are just so crazy at work and school. 4 assignments due this week, training a new person with major communication issues, and major problems within the company I work for. Along with Baby Bears' sense of humor getting her in trouble at school. Who knew having a sense of humor would be so much of a bad thing? I certainly did not. To say she's kind of screwed in that aspect is an understatement. It's in her blood. Yeah, we're the kind of family that laughs at a funeral- all of us. Distant relatives too. We just can't help it. We're just having to make her realize and teach her that there is always a time and place for it. Oh, and she has SO much homework now, on top of mine. So, I hold some pretty long hours these days.

But I will give a little preview of what is to come this week:

Oh, and I cannot wait for the CaraBox reveal tomorrow!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Nana's Sewing Closet + Giveaway

Today I have an awesome giveaway for you courtesy of Nana's Sewing Closet,

The winner of the giveaway will receive one custom handmade dress that is valued at $30-$35 depending on the size ordered. *Please note that some of the dresses in the shop are over this prize value but the winner may choose one of those and pay the difference.*

One top of the giveaway we are offering a 10% discount code off of any order. Good through Friday November 22, 2013.

10 % Discount Code:    Holiday2013
To help us spread the word some of my lovely blogging friends have offered to post this giveaway on their blogs so make sure to go visit them and say hello.

Dara from Not in Jersey | Kera from Nugget on a Budget |
| Becky from My Sweet Moose | Julia from Eternal Girl |
|Shelby from Stay Crafty My Friends | Dawn from Dawn's Disaster

| Sara from Confessions of a Redheaded Mama | Beanie Blogger Opportunities | Janine from Confessions of a Mommyaholic |
| Mommy Blog Hoppers | Tiffany from My Safe Havens |
| Shana from Organized Chaos |

| Cassandra from The World from the View of Two |
| Ashley from Mrs. Mama |
A big thanks to all the lovely ladies help in supporting Nana's Sewing Closet's first ever giveaway! Rafflecopter is down below to enter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Can't

Since I told Jenn I was going to post a link up to her #ICant post. Here I am, taking a break from my homework (gah) to share with you a list of my I Cants.

First things first. I just can't walk up to an escalator and walk right on. Seriously. I even tried to put mastering the escalator as one of my work goals (true story), and going down is far worse than up.

Skinny Jeans. Really people. Those things are evil. I remember hating them so much as a kid, struggling to get my foot through that tiny fitted ankle hole was the devil, I mean, the toes always went through just fine, but the heel? You must be double jointed or have no  heel to wear those. It felt like it took hours to get that daunting task done as a kid. Eff all of that!

Oh, and men in skinny jeans? What the heck is all of that about? Bad move boys, BAD move! Come on, doesn't this guy remind you of the dinosaur from Meet the Robinsons? "I have big shoulders, and little legs"

Do hair. As in, hair in my hairbrush. I will throw them away before I will even empty them because it will make me hurl. A friend of mine was talking about how she was cleaning out her tub drain, and went a little too far. I'm gagging right now just thinking about it. Oh, and this picture her husband sent me. Totally hurlworthy.

And if you follow TheEverydayMomma on Instagram, her shower pic made me gag. Hair on the shower wall? I can't do it. Cats? Heck no! They cough hairballs up allll the time. DISGUSTING, and now I can't stop gagging. I will never come back to this blog post ever. I.just.can't.

I actually have a big list of these ICant. But I will save those for another day. The last one I will share today is a major issue I get picked on for big time.

use wooden utensils, or wooden anything. Popsicle sticks, corn dogs, sausage on a stick, you name it. I.just.can't It honestly is a texture thing and I just can't stand holding them, and them going in my mouth? Hell to the no! Chopsticks? Uh, I'll use a fork. And red wine goes with that because most of it is so dry it feels like a popsicle stick in my mouth. It makes me cringe just typing this!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sponsor Schmonser

 I have been experimenting with sponsorships lately. I have sponsored quite a few people in the last few months or so. I just dove in because I really wanted to see what it was all about and really get a clear understanding of the ins and outs of this sponsorship business. I'm just going to cut to the chase here: I have been extremely disappointed with a few of the people I have sponsored in the past. I won't sit here and name names, but you can guarantee I will not be contacting them, or reading their content anymore.

So many sponsorships offer this thing called "social media love" buyers beware; you are not showered with shout outs, replies, or anything of that nature with most. So really, social media love comes in a tweet or post that says welcome_____________ to my sidebar this month, and that is all you will get for your entire existence. I say if you are going to go into this sponsor thing, don't go in blind.

I sponsored one of these people and was completely ignored. 2 emails, both ignored. One saying I would love to participate in the giveaway they were doing (part of the sponsorship), and another introducing myself. Both ignored. No social media shoutout; not even welcoming to the side bar. Hell, they weren't even following me on anything.

Now, I know not everyone is everyone's cup of tea....I know I'm not, and to be honest, I could care less if people don't like me. But really guys, why approve an ad if you, yourself see that you do not mesh with someone, and why make false claims to do things that you clearly had NO intention of ever doing? Can we say FALSE advertising? And please direct me on where I can go to get a refund.

I am sure I am not the only person that has been in this boat, but just in case I am, I will give you some tips or advice.

I urge you to watch the people you want to sponsor. Do they make good on their promises? Is there follow through?

If you want some advice on who you should sponsor (most bang for your buck) I would go with a few select people.

What I really looked for in sponsoring was content.

Could I relate to it?
Was the blog interesting?
Did it entertain me?
Do I want to get to know this person?
Could I be potentially see myself as friends with this person?

I mean, why bother wasting time and all those precious dollars on a lost cause. 

I played around with location. I first started looking for local bloggers offering sponsorships. What better way to connect with someone when you share the same city? Really, location is NOT important. Seems I have been burned more in my own city than anywhere else. Go Houston!

After the content, and playing around with location, I looked to see what these sponsorships really offered. I really looked for the most bang for my buck. I honestly think with Jenn. I found the most bang for my buck and I highly recommend her (and no, I wasn't bribed, asked, nor did I have a gun held to my head to say this).

-I'm not turning my nose up at any of the people I have sponsored just because I didn't name drop you in here-

Yes, I too am playing around with the other side of sponsoring and putting myself out there for others because I don't think it is right to treat people like crap. I might yank it, I might not. I do know that Kaitlyn has the same ideals that I do behind her sponsors. Spending time to get to know them, and not just letting them fall to the waste side.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fun Times

Our weekend started off like any other weekend- except it wasn't like any other weekend because Mr A was home (not at work) and Baby Bear slept in. We decided to grab some breakfast, and then we had to get the oil changed in my car and have it inspected. Typical every day stuff, right? Think again! (this is ME we are talking about) so the guy comes up to me and starts running his mouth about some port I thought he said LBD (it's the OBD port, oops) and not being able to connect to it. Really, I had NO idea what that meant. Then they told me to go buy a fuse. When I got into my car, I noticed when I started it, and as I was putting it in drive, NOTHING on my dash was working (it was working before) Look, this is me in drive

And here is reverse, and neutral

This is 5mph

Yeah, my gauges and dash were no longer working but they claimed they didn't do anything. Never ever use Halvoline anything for an oil change or inspection,  or anything!

We did get the dash semi working and I got a prognosis on my car. My fuses are now in the right spot, which I couldn't have done without the help of a friend. He is a lifesaver and I am extremely grateful for their help!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Day Late- Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! I know we did. There was a gnome, pippi longstocking, and of course, there was Baby Bear. She just HAD to be a ladybug. Not just any ladybug, but a BLUE ladybug. Which lead to my panic. Lucky enough, I found someone that could do it. So all my thanks goes to Kara with Mommas Tulle Shed and her custom work.