Thursday, January 30, 2014

January- Please Move On....

My goodness, well look who it is!  I have finally had time decided to grace all of you with my presence! Are you as excited as I am?

This month has been absolutely insane. Can we just go back and pretend January never happened? That would be great, thanks!
I have an overflowing plate. I am tired, worn out, and just down right exhausted. Work has taken most of my energy, and I have really felt so burned out as of late. So many big things are going on in that realm of my world that I have had nothing left for months. Helllooo do you see me over here? I'm effin drowning, and you just keep throwing more water in my face! I really cannot bring what is going on with all of that here just yet, but I will definitely be writing a post on all of this soon!

If it weren't enough that work is kicking my lil patootie, school has been insane. Not just mine either, Baby Bear's too. I really struggle with wanting to be the perfect school mom for my child, making her the cutesie shirts and crafts for all her school projects, and teacher gifts, but there is just not enough time in the day for me to do what I want to for her, and I really have been feeling so crappy about it. The Mommy guilt has been kicked in full force here. How do you working mom's find all the time?

By the way, in case you didn't know, I'm in Houston. We have had not one, but two city shutdowns less than 5 days apart. I'll be guest posting all about this soon, so keep a lookout on Jenn's blog for it!

This is all I have for you for now. School, dinner, and more work are ahead of this gal. Wait...what? Work? It's 7:30pm! Yeah, this has been my life as of late!


Monday, January 13, 2014

I Love Justin Bieber!

This is a phrase I have heard many times from the mouth of my Baby Bear. Her eyes light up, she gets giddy like a little school girl at just the thought. Then the excitement bursts through her little body until she cannot stand it anymore and out it comes  "I love Justin Bieber!" as she's kicking and squealing with the biggest smile on her face. Then follows "Bieber Bieber Bieber" She claims she is going to marry him.

This has become so much worse since we have moved. Before, it was every now and again, and now she is just completely obsessed with this Bieber character!

I mean, what's not to love, right? Only his name makes me cringe every.single.time.

If only it really were the real Justin Bieber she was obsessed with, and completely giddy over, I would have put a stop to it long ago.

Let me introduce you to her "Bieber" who and what she calls Justin Bieber, and the guy she is obsessed with.

Texans know what this is all about, but for those of you that are not native, let me tell you what is a must on every Texas road trip. One word. Buc-ees. This place is known for the cleanest restrooms, their awesome fudge, beaver nuggets, and jerky. 

Oh, and we cannot forget the Bieber beaver This is the best place to stop on our half way mark to Dallas, driving to Austin, and San Antonio. They are kind of a big deal here. Not to mention there is one in our backyard now (not really). Now, the one we live by is what I like to say is not a real Buc-ees, as in it does not have what the others have, it is a small version of them, and that is fine by me, because that means my road trip stops are still some of significance.

So yes, every time she sees this store/gas station she loses it. She is in love with the Buc-ee the beaver, but alas she says Bieber, and just so happened to add Justin on to it. I am perfectly okay with her never knowing the real Justin Bieber, and she can collect all the beavers she wants. Yes, I'm kind of rewarding her for it, and I don't care!

She is "Bieber' s" biggest fan


Thursday, January 9, 2014


I cannot believe it has been weeks since I have updated this little corner of the great big blogosphere that I call mine!
If you remember, the last update was about our new house. The week of the move, Baby Bear came down with the flu! So for Christmas we spent the day at home instead of with family. She had a good Christmas regardless, and we made sure of that. But I do have to brag a little. When she saw what Santa brought her, she said she got everything she had ever wanted; and she hadn't even opened presents yet! I honestly think she forgot about them. She then went on to say that next year she does not want to ask Santa for anything because she loves her family more than presents. She melts my heart. Her Poppy and Nanny came by later that evening and finally opened her gifts.

After she was fever free on her own, we took her to Santa's Wonderland. It was cold, but she had a blast and really enjoyed it. The lights are amazing. If I could find my camera in all these boxes that are my current surroundings I would show you some. So this is what you get.

After Santa's Wonderland is when I came down with the sickness. Flu and bronchitis, oh my. I'm still coughing here! There were none of our yearly visits that normally occur this time of year. We were a little sad about not seeing family this year.

But for now we are all moved in and just trying to get settled in. Work has been crazy, the house has been crazy, and I'm close to going crazy. Baby Bear decided she wants to bite the bullet and go ahead and go to her new school, so now I have withdrawals and enrollments too. Not to mention the crazy ups and downs with the entire move (that's a post for another day).

On a different note, I do have something I would like your help with. I love my family as much as Baby Bear does, and we all know the power of prayer. My cousin, Jeromy, has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving. He is still in ICU. He is in a delicate state at this time and it is still a lot of touch and go. He is still so young and one of the most generous people you could ever meet. I have looked to God to surround his body with healing and for the fight I know Jeromy has in him. If you would please help us continue to pray for more strides in his healing, and for our entire family, especially his immediate family, it would be greatly appreciated.