Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Been a While

I haven't updated this little space of mine in quite some time! My goodness. We had a GREAT summer, and have officially got into the back to school groove. So let's play some catch up.

I left the only industry I had ever known, and entered into some untreaded waters at the very beginning of the summer. This company had everything I was looking for in a company, it just wasn't exactly the industry I imagined it would be. I had high expectations for a company I wanted to be a part of, and this one has not disappointed in the least. So, I can easily say that I have never been more happy to not be in the energy sector and oil and gas. Not to mention, it is practically in my backyard and I could easily walk if I really wanted to. I love my department, my boss, and the higher ups. We work hard, and we play hard. I love the fast pace, constant change, and challenges it all entails.

We had a GREAT summer! Much fun in the sun was had, and if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen many pics from Baby Bears' swim lessons. They were a rocky start because of the instructor, but we switched instructors and she rocked those classes! We are so proud of her.

Speaking of Baby Bear, this girl has been dropping teeth like nobody's business! She has NO teeth! She gave up on an ice cream cone and ate it with a spoon! I think we may need to setup a gofundme account if she keeps losing them at this rate. That tooth fairy must be exhausted!

I honestly haven't been around much because I have NO time. I won't have a life again until the beginning of 2016 (and there better be a killer welcome back party)Yes, I'm still throwing my hands up in the air sighing in disgust. There's so much I want to pour my heart and soul into, and I just can't right now. Damn you responsibilities.

On that note, school has been kicking some major butt. All I have to say right now is eff you statistics! These last 5 weeks have been torture and hell. BUT I got a 93 on my final, so I guess it was worth it, but I couldn't have done it without a little help from my friend. She taught me, and taught me well. Will I remember a month from now? Probably not. Oh well, on to the next one, and the one after that, and that trend will keep on until 2016. Yay.

Baby Bear is in her first year of cheer and absolutely loves it. She only begged to do it for years, so I finally caved. We won't mention that she wanted to quit right after the first practice.

I also got back into fostering in March, and I love it. They get to find amazing homes with people who love them and want them, and that's what matters. We had a pup come in that we were only supposed to keep 3 or 4 days, who has become a permanent member of our family, and we just love her!

Our current foster baby