Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Friday!

I can honestly say I am SO glad this week is over. 1 more week of work for me and I am done until January 2nd!

Things are happening so fast around here, so I apologize in advance for any absence. I have some exciting news. We are moving! Much faster than anticipated, mind you.

We went and looked at a house Monday, put in our application and they accepted and want a January start. This baby was only on the market for 4 days and they had several applicants so what is a girl and her family to do? Move. Duh!

We're kind of in love with it!

Just a little sneak peak of the inside!

So we're starting the process, running around like little chicks with our heads cut off. I am stressed to the max though! I'm just happy I am off the week prior and everything else is falling into place better than it was when we first got the news.

I cannot stand packing and moving and unpacking. Just thinking about it makes me want to stomp my feet like a two year old and cry "I don't wanna"

Speaking of all the box packing... Are you doing any Christmas traveling for the holiday? I know we are. I know, you must be thinking I am nuts by now. Move in is the 28th AND I'm traveling?

I though I would offer some of my packing tips I use when traveling.

I always have 2 suitcases. Baby Bear gets her own and Mr A and I share one.

Do you see the shower caps they leave when you stay in a hotel? Grab them! I save these bad boys just for traveling. I stick my shoes in them so they don't get all their germs on my clothes!

You know that flatiron most of us girls use? It has dual purposes. No, really it does. They aren't just for hair girls! I have had an iron ruin and streak my clothes in so many hotels, so if I need some quick ironing power, I use my flat iron! Pack it, it is a must!

  • Bring your own heavy blanket. The one's they have in hotels just bring on the yuck factor. I.can' it!
  • I actually fold and roll all of our clothes that I pack to give more room.
  • Bring a trash bag or bring an extra bag to stick your dirty clothes in.

I get stuck doing all the packing, so I use it to my advantage so I can pack more. Don't be afraid to use the Rubbermaid tubs either for packing for an extended time if you are driving.

If you are looking to travel at any point, you should check out more travel tips here

They really do have some great travel tips to help ease the stress of holiday travel packing. Some that I never even thought of! Check them out!
*Note, I was requested by Paul Fredrick to share this holiday travel link with you. The opinion of this site is based on my opinion alone

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. As for us, we will be busy. I have so much school to catch up on, we're going to go visit St. Nick, and celebrate a little before the madness really sets in!

Have you moved recently? Do you have any moving or packing tips to share with me?


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Owl in the Window

It has been an insane week at the office. Working on closing with my boss out of the office in this final week of close is never ideal. But in all fairness, something completely unexpected happened and he lost someone near and dear to his heart. I sympathize, and hope he takes the time to heal from this tragedy in his life. I would never wish grief on anyone.

I thought I would share with you a little about me. I lost my Grandmother when I was 17 and I was absolutely crushed by losing her. We all were. It seems as though any time after that, when I was going through a hard time, was in a rough spot, or contemplating life, there was always a sign that she was there.

When I was 18, being a little reckless, and in one of the biggest fights with a stupid boy outside my house, a huge owl came swooping down and perched on the mailbox next to us, and just stared at us. This was right after he told me I was a thorn in his side, and that is all I can remember from what happened in this fight. That owl stayed with me for years. As I struggled to find myself and get on the right path.

I had not seen or heard an owl in a couple years, until I was pregnant, which was no walk in the park either. I was alone, sick, and scared the majority of the time. There was an owl that made my yard its home.

When I was up all night with not even a 2 week old crying Baby Bear, and I had finally reached the decision to leave my ex husband. I heard an owl outside our window every night.

Just the other night when I was sitting in my living room, staring off into space, contemplating life, the owl was there. It has been hanging around quite a bit. I'm okay, I just feel comfort with the owl(s) that watch over me, and hoot to let me know they are there.

I honestly feel God and loved ones that have passed on send you signs when you least expect it. They are all here, watching over you, and letting you know they are there. You just have to watch and listen.


Monday Number 2

Today started out feeling like a Monday. We woke up on time, but there were so many disasters! I ended up having to clean up our Little Miss Sunshine this morning. Dogs are so much like babies! I was already dressed for work, and trying to be as careful as possible. If you know me, you know that just isn't possible. So there enters the wardrobe malfunction, my tank was on empty, and Baby Bear was Miss Attitude this morning so we left the house late, and I was a tad late to work. 30 minutes to be exact. So, since it's technically Monday (in my mind)It's never too late to give a weekend update, amiright?

 Last week was a blur for me. My last week of the class I was currently in, and I do not feel I did that well. You would think a communications class instructor would have the communication skills to make their intentions and/or expectations clear, but that was not the case in this class! Such a frustrating time was had by all. I'm just glad it is over, and I am on to the next one. Enough school talk.

My weekend was nothing all that lively. I ended up sick. What started off as a severe allergic reaction turned into a nasty sinus infection, and my body just cannot fight that stuff any longer. The joys of having a weak immune system these days. I missed my nephew turning 4, but made sure Baby Bear went. She stayed with  Poppy and Nanny while I got some much needed rest. At the end of the day I was notified that my wreath was ready! I was excited, but bummed at the same time because I was dreading having to get up the next morning feeling the way I did.

I was pleasantly surprised that I woke up Sunday feeling a little better and picked up my wreath in the morning. Mr A and I had breakfast, and finished our Christmas shopping. I simply cannot wait until Christmas. I love this time year, and being able to view it from the eyes of a child. The wonderment, hopes, and magic is just contagious!

Here is my Christmas wreath in all its glory. I absolutely LOVE it!

And here's the story: My favorite Christmas song was always "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" growing up. My parents bought me the button when I was pregnant with Baby Bear, and it is one of her favorite songs now, hence the hippo in the wreath.

If you are wanting something special, you should definitely shoot her an email or give her a call. She does all things crafty! (Blessings by Jules)

She also sent me home with this little hippo, that is now resting in our tree! She was such a blessing, and wonderful to work with.

I hope you all have a great week!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They Aren't Welcome Here

I know some of you are  knee deep in your Elf on the shelf antics and dreaming up of crazy ideas that this mischievous guy or girl can do to get a rise out of your kids. I will start off by telling you that this is not the place to come, to get these ideas and plots for these elves.

First off, have you seen how genuinely creepy those faces are? I say give the elf a butcher knife with  and you have horror stories in the making.

The Bearded Iris

I understand this has been a huge success in households all over the world, but certainly not in this one. I am sure it is fun for you, but really, who wants to strategically place a DOLL at a crime scene, or make messes at night, that YOU have to clean up? That's some psychiatric material right there. "I didn't do it, it was the elf" uh huh, and dolls come to life..... Straight jacket for you! You might as well invite Chucky to play with your kids. He might be more effective.

I know many just do it for fun, but I have read so many status updates with people talking about how horrible their kids were acting and they should straighten up in X amount of days when the elf arrives..... Geez people! Why not a good old fashioned spanking, grounding, or punishment for their behavior instead of counting down the days when this creeper can show his or her face again to straighten them out. What DO you people do the rest of the year?

The premise of a tattle tale elf is just extreme for me, especially when some actually thinks he or she makes their children behave better because they report to the big guy every night.  Snitches get stitches. Just sayin'

Then we have the commercialization of Christmas that there are so many complaints about, so you are adding to the commercialization you loathe by adding this evil elf into your home. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Is the magic of Christmas and celebration of Christ not enough?  Do Santa and God not do enough to keep kids honest, so you obtain an object that magically makes them behave? Oh, I know! These elves MUST be enchanted. (refer back to the straight jacket)

I am already torn on the entire Santa thing because I feel bad lying to my child. So let's throw an elf in there, and make the guilt ten times worse!  That's an excellent idea.

I have reasoned with myself with the whole "Santa" thing because he is the magic of Christmas and I don't remember being shattered by finding out he wasn't real (except when I asked my Mother if he was real, and she lied and denied, denied, denied, but that's beside the point here). I do remember as soon as I knew it was a sham, that the magic and wonderment was gone. It is all about childhood memories and the hopes and joy the season brings, right?

Another thing, do you know my child? If you do not, she is the queen of pranks, and our own little comedian. Anything for a laugh with this girl. Could you imagine what she could possibly make this elf do in the years to come?

Click here for more like this

Last but not least, I have a hard enough time keeping up with what I already have going on. I know, that I would forget to move this elf, and of course, if he/she/it didn't move, that could only mean the dog is dead!

You can get this shirt here

Maybe I just don't get the premise behind this "Elf" idea because the only elf I know is Buddy. He is the only one that really matters anyway, right? I mean, who doesn't start the season without ELF (the real one)?

Not by placing creepy stalkers in your home.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hey Y'all......

So many NEW and exciting things are happening around here! Someone got a visit from the tooth fairy. She was SUCH a trooper too!

I would post the video, but I did not get the actual tooth pulling, all I got was the crying after! The best part, right?

Oh, and this just happened with one of the best couples on the face of the planet.

Best.engagement.ever. (so maybe I'm a little bias)

She was soo bummed my Christmas was already up, and she was dying to decorate early this year too. He would not allow it until after Thanksgiving and was so adamant about it. Gotta pick your battles, right? Little did we know.....

There are so many engagements flying around here lately.

I am SO excited for them, Congrats guys!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Erin Condren Life Planner, Groopdealz & Starbuck's Giveaway

The New Year is just around the corner, so we are giving away an Erin Condren Life Planner to start 2014 off right! If you have never heard of Erin Condren's Life Planners, you do not know what you are missing. I can't imagine my life without mine and I take it with me everywhere!  It's so useful, plus you get to personalize and design the planner yourself. There are tons of available options, ensuring you will get a planner that represents your personal style. You also have a chance to win a $25 gift card for Groopdealz, (one of my favorite online boutiques), and a $10 gift card to Starbuck's! So be sure to enter below to win one of the great prizes below from Rebekah's Ramblings and friends! Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Good Luck!

Holy December!

Can you believe it is DECEMBER already? I cannot! Where has the time gone? Most of you already know I had my tree up in November and gave me flack for it. I didn't skip over Thanksgiving, I more than made up for it!

I made my little harvest centerpiece, and hung a Happy Thanksgiving sign on my tree. If you follow me on instagram you can see it here

I did some baking for Thanksgiving and with the idea from a coworker made s'more brownies, yum! So many people asked for this recipe so here goes. Anyone can do it!

First, you go to the store and buy your favorite brownie mix (I used Krusteaz, it is amazing) you must have the ingredients the box calls for too.
Graham Crackers
Ginormous marshmallows (s'mores or campfire, both work well)
8x8 pan

First, layer graham crackers in the bottom of the pan like this

Then make your brownies according to the directions

Pour the mix over the graham crackers, and bake according to the directions on the box.

For the last 10-12 minutes, you are going to want to layer the marshmallows on top of the brownies and bake for the remaining time.

Campfire Marshmallows

S'more Marshmallows

Finished product w/ Campfire marshmallows

And the S'more marshmallows
These are really best served hot because the marshmallow will become a hot mess if you do not.

I also made my notorious pumpkin pies. 3 of those bad boys, with the most beautiful crusts I have ever laid eyes on. I was SO proud of myself.

It is all in the foil. You must always have foil.

I spent a whole lot of time with family and friends, and really, what is a gathering without a little drama? Good times were really had by all, and I cannot wait to see what December brings.

I just ordered my wreath, and I am SO excited and cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Oh, and that little Elf on the Shelf, I'll be giving you my take on those little elves this week too!

Please excuse the non-edited pictures and lack of information. I just finished my third paper and my brain is done. Bye bye social life for the next 2 years!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Things You May Not Know...

I have seen so many posts circulating as status updates on facebook lately that I have decided to join, only in a different way. The gist is that someone posts things you may not know about them, people like the status and they give you a number. Knowing my friends they would pick something like 100, so I will pick my own number, and let you guys know some things that not everyone may necessarily know about me.

I am a devoted Christian and a firm believer in God. He is my savior.

I was in an extremely abusive relationship for several years.

I cannot stand cinnamon as in cinnamon gum, cinnamon candles, cinnamon drinks. Those all make me gag.

I don't drink alcohol of any kind anymore

I lost my big brother April 16, 2012

Three letters: O C D

Patience is one of my weaknesses because I really do not have much

I always said I never wanted a child when I was younger.I still stood by that until I found out I was pregnant. God had other plans. A funny God he is! Baby Bear saved me, and herself. I did not save myself, and I do not know if I would have, if it weren't for her. See how God works?

I am a hopeless romantic.

I absolutely love horror flicks.

I speak without thinking. I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I stand up for what is right, and if that is wrong, you are in the wrong place and we just can't be friends. A real friend is going to tell it like it is. I'm not the friend that is going to sugarcoat your $#it for you and blow sunshine up your bum. You can find one of those somewhere else; it just isn't here.

When I was little, I envisioned hundreds of little people were under the bathtub and that they would all work together to make the bath run, with their tiny buckets catching the drain water and passing them all to the top to make it come out of the faucet. Yes, the same little people lived in the walls and made my lights and fan work too.

I used to twist the legs on all of my little brother's GIJoe's, and always be surprised when the rubber band broke that held them to the torso broke. Every.single.time

I still have hopes for a puppy as a Christmas gift someday (preferably a rottweiler), and a car (not both at the same time) I would love to walk outside and see a brand new car with a big red bow on it. Or open up a box and have a puppy come stumbling out.

So there you have it. There are some tidbits you may not know about me.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Love

There is someone I would like to introduce you guys to. I just cannot live without this person. And I wanted to share with you how much they really mean to me. When you find your person, you just know. I will admit that I have cheated on this individual multiple times, and I have deeply regretted each and every one of those decisions, and I have promised to never let that happen again. This time I really do mean it. Nobody can quite do the things like they can, and make me feel the way that they do. We have honestly been through thick and thin and I swear, I will never stray again. The heartache simply is not worth it.

So, if you live in the Houston area, I have to introduce you to my hairstylist, Rita. She is phenomenal, and I have been with her for 7 or more years. I can't believe that it has even been this long. She no longer works at the salon I go to, and she has branched out and become a mobile hairstylist! She has all of her own supplies, and she is fully licensed. She is an angel who helps and has touched so many people's lives. Her real passion lies in helping others feel great about themselves. She has such a soft spot for people who cannot physically leave their homes, she has improved lives and confidence in cancer patients, and does the same for every day people just like you and me. She knows me inside and out, and I honestly do not even need a mirror to see her work because that is how much I trust her to always do what I have in mind, and with what I want. I love her just as much as I love her family.

I have decided to share some my own pictures of what she has done for me over the years. If you are looking for someone new in your life, and are in the area, like her page and give her a call or text! 

*I was not paid, offered services, or any type of discounts for this posting or recommendation*
This is my honest opinion, and I would highly recommend her to any one I meet!