Saturday, March 29, 2014


Well my surgery went well for all those that have asked. For those of you that do not know, i had surgery last Wednesday to fix the deviation in my septum, remove the bone spur, clear blockages, and open my sinuses. A lot of slicing and dicing up in that little place. The last thing I remember is asking the anesthesiologist if whatever he was putting in my IV was supposed to burn. Ha! Then I was awake and felt like I was going to ralph all over the place. So they hooked me up with something for that. Baby Bear came in, saw me, and cried. My surgeon threw in that he went ahead and removed my adenoids too. We went home (I had to keep my eyes closed the entire car ride because I started feeling sick), and I went to bed. Baby Bear cried some more and brought me stuffed animals to sleep with. Poor thing was worried about her Momma and uncertain I was okay because she saw blood.

This was me through Sunday.

I'm not going to lie, when I woke up that mess was pretty darn painful. I had a "bunny mask" on to catch all the blood drainage and had to sleep with my head at an angle. No, I didn't have black eyes, or bruising, or even any packing up there. Thank goodness! The worst part was waking up. It was the absolute worst. My throat was killing me and I had the most pleasant taste in that mouth of mine. I honestly have to say Wednesday and Thursday really were not that bad. Did it hurt? Yes, but it was no big deal. Friday and Saturday though, those were the worst days. There was so much pressure in my head, and my teeth were killing me. Ice packs and hot showers were my BFF's!

Oh, and eating with that thing on my face, impossible. I drank exclusively through a straw too because of that thing. I salute all you guys with mustaches, and will never, ever date anyone with one because I now know what that stuff catches. Yuck!

Monday was my follow up appointment. I honestly thought he was just going to take a look to see how I was healing. Boy was I ever wrong. It gives me the jeebs just thinking about it. He suctioned that thing out like there was no tomorrow. The sound completely creeped me the eff out. You can add that to the list of things I cannot tolerate. It was like a shop vac slurping up a crap load of water, but in my nose. After that I was a little raw, but still shuddering just thinking about that awful sound!

Another thing, I'm super OCD about my nose, I was before this, and I cannot stand for anything to be in it. Boogers are not allowed in there-ever! I will immediately go into a restroom the second I feel anything there and get that sucker out and gone. So, all the gunk that has popped up after that suction, is driving me bat shit crazy!

I am still getting headaches on the daily, but I am sure that will subside, just like the teeth and pressure subsided. I'm going to have weekly suction appointments for a bit, so I get to do it all over again Monday. Joy.

 Oh, and I have finally sneezed, through my mouth. Not brave enough for the nose sneeze yet because I'm still a lil tender up in there.

On another note, I have not had oily skin in years. It has always been on the dry side. I think these antibiotics I am having to take is making my face super shiny. It is nuts. My entire face and nose is completely broken out, and it blows!

WTF is all of that?



  1. I'm glad your surgery went well. I'm sorry the recovery has been such a pain in the... nose. (*laughs at own stupid joke*) But, seriously... I hope you mend up quickly!!! :)

  2. Glad to hear you are the mend. Sinus surgery is a rough one.

  3. The MLP gif got me. I'm glad it went well!

  4. My husband had this sort of surgery done about 20 years ago.
    He is thrilled he did it.
    All the best for a wonderful recovery.