Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quick Update

I had another appointment yesterday. Apparently the methotrexate pills are not working, or doing what they are supposed to do. I am  now being switched to injections, and they are upping the dose! The Mister now has to learn how to administer said injections. Thank goodness one of my best friends is a nurse and she will be at our house Friday to teach him. I would do it, but I just can't stab myself! I go back in 5-6 weeks for more bloodwork. The good thing is, I have been removed from having to take the plaquenil since my liver isn't so hot right now. Since methotrexate is also absorbed through the liver, they decided it would be most beneficial to take me off the plaquenil and flexoril. Also, I am finally down to 5mg of prednisone and will be completely off in 5 days. Now let's see if the methotrexate is able to fully keep my scleritis from flaring. Fingers crossed!

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