Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was a little rough. I had been flaring all week so it was pretty painful to say the least. The Mister had his first unsupervised injection that he gave me,and I think the last. You know something isn't right when you can't feel the needle. Ouch!

I need a manicure so bad. This color is OPI Cajun Shrimp!

We also had my nephew Friday night. They just so happened to wake up at 5am, so I endedup with 2 kids,a dog, and myself in 1 bed. You know,so the monsters wouldn't get us. I put myself on the couch with the pup. Someone had to be on the lookout (and get some sleep).

What I watched this weekend:

Saturday was a day of resting up, knowing we had a big night planned and all. Our Bear was so excited to be going to see the circus for her first time ever! She had only been talking about it for 6 months! She absolutely LOVED it, and that mkes my heart happy, and makes it soo worth it. The circus for her just would not be complete for her without a spinning light, a stuffed animal, a sno cone, and cotton candy.

Here are some pictures from the night's events


Sunday, I was still feeling quite bad. I got up when Little Miss did and ended up sleeping on the couch until noon! I did not get up all day. My body felt like Iit had the flu with all the aches! Then this happened. 

I had stepped on something last week and The Mister finally dug 
it out!

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