Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Pinterest Fails You

I am sure we have all been there a time or two, if you use Pinterest at all. You know, you go and pin something to eventually go back to later, then the site you are referred to from that pin has nothing on the how to side of what you actually pinned. Then the facepalm happens, followed by muttering some choice words under your breath, and just deleting the pin altogether, or spending loads of time looking for the recipe, or the directions for said pin.

 If you follow me on Pinterest (yes, click the link, you know you want to), I am sure you have seen this pin.

I was making breakfast for dinner one night this week -because that's what you do when you're low on groceries and have not stepped foot in what I like to call food hell in a while, although it feels like I just did it yesterday (I still haven't recovered from the last excursion) Anyway, The Mister doesn't really DO breakfast foods such as the pancakes, so I got a bright idea to make him these ham cups, so off to Pinterest I went, knowing I had that pin. Lo and behold this pin took me to I searched and searched this website for this recipe and it was not to be found. Well, this little non Betty Crocker improvised. I was not going to allow this pin and its to defeat me, no sir!

So here is what you will need for my Yummy Ham Cups

1 Nonstick mini muffin pan (if not nonstick, use your head and spray the crap out of it with some PAM, spread some crisco, whatever you fancy, and make it nonstick)
4 Large eggs
Shredded cheese
Ham (preferably lunch meat style, not too thick, or too thin)

I placed 1 slice of ham in each muffin slot, placed shredded cheese to fill the bottom of the ham. I then scrambled 4 large eggs in a glass bowl. If I were eating them that night, I would have put some green and red bell pepper and onion in with the egg, but you dress them however you would like. I ended up putting some pepper and what would be anyone's equivalent to Tony Chachere's, but with more kick, we call it Aww Shit. I then filled all my cups pretty much to the brim with the egg mixture. Then it was cooking time. I baked at 350 for 15 minutes and it was done. The entire dozen were gone in a matter of seconds!

The green is also a special household staple, and pretty darn hard to find! Trust me when I say this stuff has a little heat to it. A little really does go a long way, and is so good with eggs and omelettes.

Just so you know I wasn't fibbing about the spice we use either, here is a pic of it, and a link to all of their different products.

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  1. That looks soooooo good! That may have to be a school-night dinner!