Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Love

There is someone I would like to introduce you guys to. I just cannot live without this person. And I wanted to share with you how much they really mean to me. When you find your person, you just know. I will admit that I have cheated on this individual multiple times, and I have deeply regretted each and every one of those decisions, and I have promised to never let that happen again. This time I really do mean it. Nobody can quite do the things like they can, and make me feel the way that they do. We have honestly been through thick and thin and I swear, I will never stray again. The heartache simply is not worth it.

So, if you live in the Houston area, I have to introduce you to my hairstylist, Rita. She is phenomenal, and I have been with her for 7 or more years. I can't believe that it has even been this long. She no longer works at the salon I go to, and she has branched out and become a mobile hairstylist! She has all of her own supplies, and she is fully licensed. She is an angel who helps and has touched so many people's lives. Her real passion lies in helping others feel great about themselves. She has such a soft spot for people who cannot physically leave their homes, she has improved lives and confidence in cancer patients, and does the same for every day people just like you and me. She knows me inside and out, and I honestly do not even need a mirror to see her work because that is how much I trust her to always do what I have in mind, and with what I want. I love her just as much as I love her family.

I have decided to share some my own pictures of what she has done for me over the years. If you are looking for someone new in your life, and are in the area, like her page and give her a call or text! 

*I was not paid, offered services, or any type of discounts for this posting or recommendation*
This is my honest opinion, and I would highly recommend her to any one I meet!


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