Thursday, September 12, 2013

Being Beat Down By Makeup

So.. I have been trying to discover a good makeup match for myself lately. With all the medications I have been on for the last year or more, I have not really worn as much makeup since the medications changed my skin so much. Now that things have somewhat calmed down I decided to get myself out there and try some products.

I just about cried when Prescriptives went away because that was my go to brand, my love.

I have never quite found a match for my long lost love brand. I have been searching off and on. Now, you should know, I have sensitive skin. Clinique breaks this girl out. Except for their moisturizer that I would absolutely die without.

This past weekend I decided to give Smashbox a whirl. I have heard some of the BEST things about them, especially their BB cream. So in I went for some color matching. Of course, with Baby Bear in tow. My colors were all fair/ to fair/light. I stood while the lady applied each layer (Baby Bears' legs were tired of walking so she just HAD to sit!

We used the following products:





I really loved how light everything felt. It did not look or feel like I had anything on at all. Not too long after these products were on my face, it started to itch. I removed the makeup, and I am completely broken out from ear to ear along my jaw line. I was a little upset.

I am needing something for the constant redness in my face from the Humira and Methotrexate I am currently taking, but also doesn't break me out. I tried Elph eye liner and I wanted to claw my eyes out, so I use Cover Girl for eye liner, but cannot use anything else of theirs. I have tried Neutrogena, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Almay, Pysicians Formula, Mary Kay, oh, and let's not forget Merle Norman. I put that stuff on and a couple hours later I wanted to claw my face right off! I thought I was going to have to melt my face off to get it to stop burning!

I will be trying Bare Minerals this weekend, which I am afraid I will not like because I am not a big powder person. Does anyone have any other ideas?



  1. Bare Minerals has worked well for me in terms of begin a powder. I don't have sensitive skin so I can't attest to that, but I like the weightlessness of the powder foundation.

    Good luck with your hunt!

    Jordan @ Let Them Eat Paste

  2. I'm cheap and use Covergirl lol. But I have combination skin. Hope you find one that helps soon!