Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Throwback

We all have things we buy over, and over, and OVER again. Sometimes because it makes us feel good, or because the product is just that good, or even just because. Maybe it is because it reminds you of your youth, or just plain old good memories. I thought I would share with you, some of MY favorite things.

First up is Clinique's moisturizer. I love this stuff and drastically see improvements on my skin regularly just by using this stuff! It is truly amazing and leaves my skin looking young and radiant. Definitely worth every penny!

My Ninja, sweet Ninja, oh how I love thee! I use it for everything! Really, I am a mom on the go. I work full time, go to school full time, and always a full time parent with tight schedulesand routines to maintain. So any short cuts without skimping on quality is it in my book because really, who has time to shred chicken? This took 5 seconds with just the bullet. I could not even tell you the last time I chopped vegetables. Salsa or pico? No problem! definitely the BEST $ ever spent. I have the prep master which I use for chopping veggies and  meats and the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 and would not trade these things for the world!

5 seconds in the Ninja!

Bath and Body Works Super Smoothing Face Scrub. I use this stuff a couple times a week and it is the perfect scrub for this face! It works great on my super sesnsitive skin, and leaves my face looking fresh and new.

Gud- from Burt's Bees- Floral Cherrynova. Again, I have super sensitive skin and many, many other body washes I have tried have left my skin feeling used and abused. This one is natural, leaves my skin with just the right amount of moisture, no itchiness, and NO dry skin, oh, and it smells so good!

Meyers, I am in love with all their cleaning products, and I hit the jackpot yesterday at HEB because they had my babies on clearance! This stuff is all natural, so it is safe for my mini me and her new bff Petey. She gets to help me, and I get my peace of mind. This stuff smells wonderful too! I just bought some of the Geranium scented glass cleaner and I'm in love!

Nivea chapstick, I am never without it nowadays and I have Mr A to thank for that! I have one that stays in my car through the winter, on my desk at work, desk at home, and countless tubes in my purse. Every wedding I have ever been in, I have ended up being sick for! This was no different for my cousin Tricia's wedding. I literally downed my codeine cough syrup right before I walked down the aisle so I wouldn't be coughing through her ceremony! My lips were also a hot mess from being so sick, and Mr A went out and bought this chapstick for me, my savior! I am a Momma that shares everything with my little one, but this stuff, if she does not return it, will cause a stir in our household. Ha!

Mint M&M's. I'm usually not one for mint and chocolate, but I absolutely love these! I look forward to every Christmas when these babies roll around.

Bath and Body Works foam hand soaps. I stock up on these on the regular.  I refuse to pay full price for these babies. I buy them from the outlet when they are 75% off.

My Calphalon pots and pans. Absolutely love these! These are the best things I have ever bought. Cooks evenly and such an easy clean up! Also the BEST customer service EVER, and they really stick to their 10 year warranties. If anything goes wrong, they send you a brand new pot or pan!

The Target Home (RE) fuzzy blankets. I have 3. I absolutely LOVE these. They are so soft and comfy! I am sure this collection will continue to grow as well.

Pottery Barn Kids. I cannot stress it enough. Their stuff is some of the best quality and I am a girl that prefers quality over quantity, especially for my mini me. I bought her big girl bed from here because I wanted something that was going to be beautiful, and something that would last until she was out of the house (hence, me buying the queen) I am in love! The Madeline canopy bed did not disappoint! Her table and chairs are from there, as well as her dollhouse, comforter and sheets, and many halloween costumes. Love, love love this place!

IKEA, because for myself, it suits me just fine! Love the Hemnes collection. I prefer to look up what I want online, and go directly to the floor shelves so I am in and out in under 5 minutes. I've been through the showrooms dozens of times, and now, I just like to run in and out. Makes life so much easier!

Coca Cola. Enough said. For anyone that knows me, you all know this is about all I drink. I always have one, and I prefer fountain drinks over canned or bottled. Don't worry, this will be changing soon and it will be strictly water. For now, I will enjoy the Coke!

Can we talk about my addiction to Scentsy? Because I cannot get enough of the stuff. I absolutely love my representative and have an entire tub dedicated just for Scentsy. This girl, as I have mentioned previously puts 110% into everyone she comes into contact with. She remembers and knows her clients, their tastes, and always has the most excellent recommendations for their individual style and scent tastes. I honestly cannot wait to start working on mine and Mr A's bedroom because I want new warmers! If you have not checked it out, you MUST! I may even have some to share with you, just let me know if you are interested.

My stapler. Seriously, this stapler is no joke. It is mandatory for any and every job I have ever had. It is light, fast, and takes 0 effort. Everyone that has ever used it from my desk has fallen in love and been wowed by it. Move over Swingline, PaperPro is the way to go.

Now, let's talk pens. I cannot stand fine point pens because they just don't do it for me. I prefer medium point. Now, this Uni ball impact 207 is my absolute favorite pen ever. My "accounting" color is green, so i have these in just about every color! I absolutely love the way these write and handle.

Stain remover I cannot live without. I honestly used to only use the Dreft stain remover, but it started to become way too hard to find. I now use the Tide Stain release tablets (the white- for sensitive skin) and I use the regular spray, and liquid booster. This stuff literally works freakin miracles. Miracles with very little work on my part, which makes it even better! The regular strength spray and liquid doesn't irritate my skin either! I no longer have to run to multiple places just to find a stain remover that is reliable and works!

Giovanni makeup/ facial cleansing wipes. I love these as a go to for a quick and easy makeup remover and quick cleansing for the days I am left exhausted.

Of course I can't forget my Goody hairclips that keep my hair up and back. If you haven't noticed, this girl has her some hair!

On that note, I also love my flat iron, I depend on this item so much. I have curly frizzy, like woah hair. This Paul Mitchell flat iron is a big MUST. I love it more than the CHI.
My Elie Tahari flats. I honestly love these babies. Sooo comfortable, and worth every stinkin penny!

What are some of your favorite things?


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  1. wow that was alot of stuff! I'm addicted to B&BW, but I've never seen that facial scrub!! where have I been?! And I've always heard of scentsy, but never tried it. Do they work really awesome? Better than yankee candle or B&BW?