Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Throwback- In Honor of Fall

We made it there and back in one piece! Baby Bear did phenomenal. Not one single complaint the whole way there or back. She is such a trooper! Okay, on the way back, when an hour or more was tacked on to our trip due to a stupid bridge that was under construction and someone pressing the "choose different route" button on the GPS, she did mention something about her legs hurting in the last 20-30 minutes of the ride home. I was going a little crazy by then too! She is a good traveler and I would have NEVER said that if you would have asked me that a couple years ago.

We really enjoyed ourselves and had a nice Thanksgiving with The Mister's Dad. We had zero cell service and it was actually kind of nice! I know, I know, not for you guys that were trying to get a hold of me and make sure we made it in one piece BUT nice for us!

We really took it easy the entire time we were there. We visited, walked around, and really just enjoyed the scenery. It was BEAUTIFUL. You do not really see fall colors here in Texas. The fall colors were in full bloom all over the mountains. I saw the most beautiful deep reds, sunny yellows, bronzes, oranges, and browns I have ever seen. I wish I would have actually taken pictures of it, but I was in such awe on the drive back home I just gazed out the window the entire time without a second thought.

We had a fire every single day, which was very nice for how cold it was, and of course, we roasted marshmallows. I LOVE roasted marshmallows!

I'm a kanga! I have a roo in my pouch!

Baby bear made some new friends. One was a Great Pyrenees and the other a  shihtzu/bichon mix. They had the BEST time with each other and she loved those guys dearly. So much that The Mister has FINALLY caved and said we can get a puppy!! We cannot wait. She really wants one for Christmas, but  we will wait until after, when the shelters are inundated with unwanted Christmas pups, because rescuing is where my heart is.

My munchkin also earned herself a few more nicknames from her Grandpa like tater tot, pooter, and soap opera. She is usually a shy one, but as soon as we arrived she immediately made herself at home and latched on to The Mister's Dad. She really had a lot of fun with him. Every night she crawled up in the recliner and played with him and the pup. He even let her drive his truck at the lake. She had a lot of fun and made some good memories.

She kept asking if we could go to the "hoods" because she wanted to see a bear. So we took her for a walk through the woods. Silly girl!

We all ventured out for breakfast one morning. This cafe and most storefronts did not accept credit or debit cards and dealt in cash only. But this little cafe had the best ham I have ever tasted. Miss thang was being a little miss sassypants while we were there.

While she was napping one afternoon The Mister and I ventured in to town and this grocery store was the only big thing there.We walked around and ended up next door buying a small Christmas tree for the farmhouse.

It was also nice to know that my insurance company was in town, ya know, just in case we drove off a cliff, or landed ourselves in a ditch.
I'm just being silly, and these are silly tourist pictures I took.

The last day or so there, we had a little incident. Okay, not WE, it was GRANDPA! Every night I had hot water to shower, and so did Little Bear. Come morning time, the water heater was no longer lit. It was a running joke that I was running in there and blowing it out every night. Anyways Grandpa was fixing it, and by fixing it he wanted to get all the soot out of it. So he loaded up the shop vac, turned it on for a good 5 minutes. Baby Bear and his wife were in the other room. Baby bear walked up to his wife and asked "why is all that black smoke in there" That wasn't smoke. It was soot being thrown all over the house! I think we'll be buying filters for a shop vac for Christmas! The puppy was no longer white and grey. The pup was grey and black. Grandpa's teeth were black, his hair no longer silver, and his face and skin were covered in black patches. This soot covered everything in site. It was hilarious! I helped wipe down all surfaces, the furniture, walls, etc. What a mess! It was in my nostrils, on my face, and all over my hands and clothes. The same on Baby bear too. I asked her if she had been exploring in a cave.

We were sad to go, and plan on going back next year. Getting back into this groove thing called work has been even harder, but we're getting it done. Here we are at another month end end and we are crazy busy!


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  1. beautiful scenery! and it def looks like your mini me is attached to your hip! :)