Friday, September 13, 2013

In My Dreams

Lately I have been having tons of crazy dreams! With all my dreams there has been one constant in every single one of them.

My dog, whom I considered my first child, that I loved so dearly. He went everywhere with me and was always by my side. I loved him to pieces.

I had someone in my life that was not good for me, I was secluded from all my friends and family, and then not long after the seclusion came the disappearance of this sweet face! I shut down, completely after that, especially after finding out it was all this person's doing because they were jealous of my baby boy!

Who could be jealous of this sweet face, who smiles for the camera because I told him if he did, he could take this ridiculous costume off?!

In my dreams, I am usually curled up with him all night, or he is by my side the entire time I am in danger, or in a horrible situation, but I wake up feeling empty.

Since his disappearance in 2007 I have yet to find a dog I truly connect with, not like my big cuddle bear. I think it may be because they are small dogs, and just aren't as laid back. I'm not really sure why.

This was his new spot when I was pregnant and sick, he always curled up at my feet, and stayed by me through all the sickness.

I don't care what people say about Rottweilers, I have known one, and I have loved one. There was not a vicious bone in his body. He would really just lick you to death! He was protective of me, but never to a point where nobody could come near me. He loved people. But if he heard something, or sensed danger, he would guard me, and that is it. This guy was just a great big goofy teddy bear, and was always happy.

I haven't missed him this much since he first disappeared.He would have absolutely loved and adored my baby girl, and she would him.


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