Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monday Number 2

Today started out feeling like a Monday. We woke up on time, but there were so many disasters! I ended up having to clean up our Little Miss Sunshine this morning. Dogs are so much like babies! I was already dressed for work, and trying to be as careful as possible. If you know me, you know that just isn't possible. So there enters the wardrobe malfunction, my tank was on empty, and Baby Bear was Miss Attitude this morning so we left the house late, and I was a tad late to work. 30 minutes to be exact. So, since it's technically Monday (in my mind)It's never too late to give a weekend update, amiright?

 Last week was a blur for me. My last week of the class I was currently in, and I do not feel I did that well. You would think a communications class instructor would have the communication skills to make their intentions and/or expectations clear, but that was not the case in this class! Such a frustrating time was had by all. I'm just glad it is over, and I am on to the next one. Enough school talk.

My weekend was nothing all that lively. I ended up sick. What started off as a severe allergic reaction turned into a nasty sinus infection, and my body just cannot fight that stuff any longer. The joys of having a weak immune system these days. I missed my nephew turning 4, but made sure Baby Bear went. She stayed with  Poppy and Nanny while I got some much needed rest. At the end of the day I was notified that my wreath was ready! I was excited, but bummed at the same time because I was dreading having to get up the next morning feeling the way I did.

I was pleasantly surprised that I woke up Sunday feeling a little better and picked up my wreath in the morning. Mr A and I had breakfast, and finished our Christmas shopping. I simply cannot wait until Christmas. I love this time year, and being able to view it from the eyes of a child. The wonderment, hopes, and magic is just contagious!

Here is my Christmas wreath in all its glory. I absolutely LOVE it!

And here's the story: My favorite Christmas song was always "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" growing up. My parents bought me the button when I was pregnant with Baby Bear, and it is one of her favorite songs now, hence the hippo in the wreath.

If you are wanting something special, you should definitely shoot her an email or give her a call. She does all things crafty! (Blessings by Jules)

She also sent me home with this little hippo, that is now resting in our tree! She was such a blessing, and wonderful to work with.

I hope you all have a great week!


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  1. I am sorry you have been feeling ill and I am even more sorry I have not emailed you back yet. I have had my nose in the books for my two classes. Like you, I am glad they will be over this week. One last paper to write. I love that wreath. Absolutely adorable. Hope you got my Christmas card. :)