Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Owl in the Window

It has been an insane week at the office. Working on closing with my boss out of the office in this final week of close is never ideal. But in all fairness, something completely unexpected happened and he lost someone near and dear to his heart. I sympathize, and hope he takes the time to heal from this tragedy in his life. I would never wish grief on anyone.

I thought I would share with you a little about me. I lost my Grandmother when I was 17 and I was absolutely crushed by losing her. We all were. It seems as though any time after that, when I was going through a hard time, was in a rough spot, or contemplating life, there was always a sign that she was there.

When I was 18, being a little reckless, and in one of the biggest fights with a stupid boy outside my house, a huge owl came swooping down and perched on the mailbox next to us, and just stared at us. This was right after he told me I was a thorn in his side, and that is all I can remember from what happened in this fight. That owl stayed with me for years. As I struggled to find myself and get on the right path.

I had not seen or heard an owl in a couple years, until I was pregnant, which was no walk in the park either. I was alone, sick, and scared the majority of the time. There was an owl that made my yard its home.

When I was up all night with not even a 2 week old crying Baby Bear, and I had finally reached the decision to leave my ex husband. I heard an owl outside our window every night.

Just the other night when I was sitting in my living room, staring off into space, contemplating life, the owl was there. It has been hanging around quite a bit. I'm okay, I just feel comfort with the owl(s) that watch over me, and hoot to let me know they are there.

I honestly feel God and loved ones that have passed on send you signs when you least expect it. They are all here, watching over you, and letting you know they are there. You just have to watch and listen.



  1. An owl is a neat sign to have!

  2. Hello, new reader and enjoying your blog! This is a beautiful post. For me, it is butterflies and sunrays.

    When we were going home after grandpa's funeral in a rain storm, my brother and I were talking if grandpa was happy and free of pain. Just then the rain stopped, and sunrays broke through the dark gray clouds.

    The butterflies began showing up after my great aunt passed. She grew and harvested daylilies, and even made a few of her own breeds - which always had butterflies around them. Ever since, I randomly see butterflies in places you wouldn't expect to - the most prominent was as I was driving through the middle of an intersection in the inner city when a butterfly flew across my windshield.

    They are amazing and powerful signs!