Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good News and Bad News

I had another appointment with my rheumy on Monday, and guess what? The methotrexate (chemo) is not working. Even with being upped in dosages and switching to injections. I have flared on both the pills and the injections of the chemo. The good thing is, my eye has not flared yet. I have really only been off the prednisone for a month, and it usually takes 2. Fingers crossed! My next step is Humira, which I already have in my possession. I just have to wait for my labs to come back and the doctors ok. The crappy part is, I still have to do the chemo in conjunction with the Humira. I have been switched back to the pill version, and after a weekend on them, I think I liked the injection far better! I had more energy and didn't feel as awful. Humira basically helps prevent the crippling effect that RA brings with it. Google images of RA, I dare ya!
My lil Bear has been having issues of her own. Major stomach problems, and a lot of pain when pooping, she has no fissures, so she has been referred to a specialist at Texas Children's. We can't get in until October. Which feels like a lifetime away.
Her dermatologist has also referred her to Texas Children's for her vitiligo. Hopefully Texas Children's won't be laser therapy happy like this dermatologist was, and can help us better contain it, because to my knowledge, vitiligo isn't supposed to hurt! Something else has to be going on with it. Oh, and this dermatologist referred her without our knowledge, which quickly set us off and caught me by surprise when they called to setup the appointment. Do they make money off the laser therapy they were shoving down our throats?! We aren't keen on the laser therapy because they can't tell us what issues she may run into having done it, further on down the road.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Hope you find a good treatment plan soon! I know how badly it sucks to feel like crap!