Friday, August 16, 2013

We're Kind of on a First Name Basis

School hasn't even started, and the superintendent of the district, the principal, and me are all on a first name basis. Is that a good or bad thing?......

It all started this week...

I have had my Little Bears registration forms, all documents as requested by the school website, and all copies made for the school weeks prior to the open of registration. This week was registration week. I left work and got down to the school and the people at the front door stated that they could not and would not let me register without a lease or note from a landlord. The website said lease OR utility bill. I had 2 utility bills! So why can't I register? I have my utility bills as proof as residence! The entire place was a madhouse, there were NO name tags identifying anyone that was working. The excuse for not allowing me to see the registrar was rules are rules, and then they said this came down from the big wigs, and the big wigs have control over the website, and the rules. Really?! I left the building, pretty frustrated.

So.....What did I do when I made it back to the office? I contacted the superintendent of the school district. (If you want an answer or results, you start at the top and work your way down- always) I wanted to make sure that they knew what was going on just in case the website was wrong; they could update it so other parents would not have to go through that. Turns out I was in the right, the teachers who turned me away were in the wrong and that should have never even happened! I was called by 2 other people from the district, offered apologies and explanations of how it never should have happened. Then the principal of my Bears' school called me, offered the same apologies and asked me to come back and she would place me at the front of the line. The super and principal also wanted to see me face to face.

I have to say that I was impressed by their prompt attention, and resolution. I am glad they informed their staff and no other parents were being turned away. While I did not get first in line, ( I had to wait about 30 minutes) most of the time spent up there was getting to know the nurse (which I love), the registrar, and more conversing with the principal.

I really cannot believe my baby is growing up and going to Kindergarten next year. In honor of her starting Kindergarten, we have her very own photo shoot scheduled tomorrow with RachelBanister Photography. I cannot wait!Baby Bear can't either because she finally gets to wear a dress she has been dying to wear!

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