Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here We Go Again weekend went by way too fast, what about yours? I will just say, I really wanted 2 more days of my weekend. Maybe a little more sleep, and more much needed R&R that I seem to not be getting lately.
I got home with my little one and her bff aka her cousin (my nephew) and my A/C was acting up again, so of course they come out once again and add more freon. BUT we don't have a leak?! 30 psi in 2 days, but AGAIN, there is NO LEAK?!!!! Whatever. I'm over it. I'm the stupid one. Our Little Bear woke up Friday night in so much pain, crying her little heart out. Her poor ear! I gave her ibuprofen and Mr A held her for a bit and she went to sleep. If she woke up again I fully planned on taking her to the ER. To my surprise she slept through the night, and woke up pretty cheery. I made my plans in getting her ready for urgent care to get her taken care of, and lo and behold, she claimed her ear didn't hurt when I told her, her cousin wasn't going with us. She went anyways, and she had an awful ear infection! A first for us. Now, strep, I am a pro with because she had it a lot, hence no more tonsils in that tiny mouth of hers!

My Monday started off pretty righteous. I mean, how could it not starting off with the best combo ever?!

My Tuesday.....Not so much. I was just minding my own business, yanno, getting ready for work and the day, straightening my curly cue hair of mine. I finished, turned my flat iron off, and got my Baby Bear ready. I kept smelling something burning every time I walked into my room, so I kept checking to make sure my flat iron was off and I didn't accidentally burn the counter (come on, it's me), and there was nothing, and it really was off, for the 5th time! I finally went to unplug it, and BAM

Mr A said the 1st pic did no justice, so he took this one for me

this totally happened. The loudest pop and biggest spark I had ever seen. I jumped, and I think I almost peed my pants! Thank God that wasn't my hand, and it didn't get me. Mr A had me turn the breaker off, then he came straight home from work to take a look at it and fix it. He was paranoid about a fire. He's been through a couple of those.

So now ladies, I need your help and opinions.....Do I go back to Chi, or do I give the Hana brand a whirl? I've seen a lot advertised on the Hana's for volumizing. I have curly, and I mean CURLY hair! I am just not sure. Which would you recommend?

I almost wish these places had a "try before you buy" but then I start thinking of all the creepy, germy things like lice, and decide better not, that's a horrible idea!.


  1. Oh gosh that is scary! :( I am glad nothing happened and you didn't have a fire!
    I use ConAir for my straightener, it has the piece that straightens my hair for me but doesn't catch my hair. But I have wavy slightly curly hair.

    I wish you could get like a mini trial version of hair products and not have to spend $$ on them before we know if we like them.

  2. Yikes, glad nothing happened with your plug! Scary!

    I get a cheapo Revlon straightener so I'm no help!

  3. That looks like the perfect Monday ( or any other day of the week) breakfast. Yum!
    Wow ~ scary about your outlet. Thank goodness you were home and it didn't start a fire! I have a Chi and love it. I can not use it often though because I have super fine/thin hair. I am actually getting it chopped this weekend. Eeeck.

  4. eeeek I remember seeing this on Instagram! And no clue on hair products #notabeautyblogger haha