Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why, Hello Tuesday

So, maybe I am enjoying my break from the school business a little too much. I go back Monday! I just have to keep telling myself 2 more years. 2 more years! 2 more years? What the heck am i going to do with  my free time after that? How am I going to make more time for that? Those are just some of the ramblings going on in my head this week about it. School really isn't my thing. Yes, I like to learn, but so far I have been disappointed because I just don't feel I learned anything I didn't already know. Just like any difficult girl, I want to learn what I want to learn, not what I HAVE to learn!

I'm going to get off that soapbox for now. So far it has been a really good week. If you follow me on facebook and twitter, then you know that my sweet, innocent, baby bear received her first grounding, and yesterday was the best Monday ever! The grounding went. She completely understood it, and she also did not like it one bit. It really broke my heart to have to ground her for a weekend, but I knew as long as I stuck to my guns, and by the rules set, she would learn and understand, and hopefully not have another note sent home again.(I won't lie, the note made me giggle a little) Kids will be kids. I love her so much and just always want to steer her in the right direction with the right amount of standing my ground.

Can you believe Halloween is already almost here? I cannot. Where has this year gone? If you follow me on other social media outlets, you would have seen my plea, and desperate inquiry on a popular costume, in a not so popular color! I cannot wait to share with all of you, and introduce you to who saved the day! Please, please pray it does not rain Thursday evening! The forecast is calling for it.

Oh, and you can bet that we have already pulled our Christmas boxes out. I have a feeling Christmas will be going up this weekend. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, or the week of. Last year, we were going to be out of town, so we got it done early and I loved it. Baby Bear wanted it up last weekend!

When do you put your Christmas out?



  1. Last year we didn't get Christmas up at all! Can you believe that?! Maybe early is the way to go! :)

  2. So glad you stuck to your guns! And put those Christmas boxes up!! geez it's not even Thanksgiving yet!!