Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Week in Review

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have been back here! I know we left off here. While I conquered the recipe, I failed to mention my BIG mishap in the process. While some of you may know, we have the cutest little basset hound pup, who we call Little Miss Sunshine. I was working around the house tidying up when I heard the timer go off, so I rushed into the kitchen as quickly as possible, because frankly, that sound is annoying! I rounded the corner into the kitchen and next thing I know I am sliding and trying my best to keep my balance and not fall. Gravity won that battle and there I am, sprawled out on the kitchen floor, soaking wet! Little did I know, Little Miss Sunshine had an accident in there, and there I was in the midst of it! Go ahead and laugh, this is my every day life! My poor Little Bear has been graced with the same exact gene.

Last week we celebrated my 32nd birthday. 32? Can you believe it? I can't. This year was very low key, I really didn't feel like doing much, since it fell in the middle of the week. I went up to my mini me's school and had lunch with her. She loves being able to eat up on stage. Her favorite game to play at the lunch table is I spy, and we have so much fun with it! She always knows how to make my day!

I brought her ice cream!
I had her cracking up so much at lunch, I thought she was going to fall out of her chair! She spilled ice cream on the table so what do I do? I grab the lid that was one her ice cream, and went to scoop it in there at the end of the table. I'll let you judge from the picture of said lid, as to how well that turned out! She thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Oops! Ice cream fell to the floor!

My Little Bear was SO sweet! She got me a brand new blanket, which I LOVE and is sooo much softer than these blankets I raved about previously. She also got me the tiniest little pillow ever to go with it. What am I going to use it for? I have no idea, but it is just too cute, and so thoughtful. I loved my gifts from her! Now, any time I am not using said blanket, she cannot wait to use it, and wastes no time grabbing it.

My coworkers brought me the cutest little cake with Little Miss Sunshine's face on it! It was to die for!

Mr A, I was pretty upset with this day. He never once said happy birthday, and it really hurt. But at the end of the day he managed to surprise me with a brand new laptop! A good friend and her son also stopped by for the evening with balloons, a card, and cheesecake.

I also had dinner with one of my best friends(since junior high) last week as well. It is so funny how much we really grow together. Now all we talk about is our kids, their funky medical issues, along with our own. We don't act our age at all, do we?

I can honestly say I had sushi 3 times last week (2 of them being Friday and Sunday) and absolutely loved it! It was a bummer that I worked all weekend because you know what they say about all work and no play.........


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